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Accelerate ISV Business Transformation

by Spanish Point - Nov 14, 2019
Accelerate ISV Business Transformation

According to Gartner, “By 2020, anything other than a cloud-only strategy for new IT initiatives will require justification at more than 30% of large-enterprise organizations.” With innovation shifting to public datacenters, pressure is on ISVs to develop a cloud roadmap.

Moving to the cloud is a big step, but it might be easier than you think. The Microsoft Azure platform has an array of options that accelerate business transformation. Move to the cloud on your terms, and from there the sky’s the limit.

Spanish Point Technologies specialize in Microsoft consultancy and are focused on migrating ISV solutions to Azure at scale and helping ISVs already on Azure to modernize their solution with our SMART AIM.

Migration To The Cloud Isv Spanish Point Technologies

There are five ways that you can succeed with the right cloud partner:

1. More options for your customers

In addition to cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), your customers may evaluate on-premises software, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), or even managed services. To capture the greatest market opportunity, you need to choose a cloud platform that offers flexible deployment options.

2. Customers expect the technology to support their business goals

Businesses are choosing cloud services that support strategic business goals, such as business agility, market responsiveness, and innovation. Your cloud platform needs to meet the challenge by enabling you to incorporate the latest technologies into your software, including analytics and artificial intelligence.

3. Applications should easily integrate with one another

Time-constrained businesses expect their applications to work seamlessly with other common solutions. Work with a cloud partner with a broad ecosystem of leading technology providers and a platform that supports APIs. 

4. Both control and administrative simplicity

IT organizations look to the cloud to lighten the infrastructure management burden while retaining visibility and control over application usage. Choose a cloud platform that makes it easy for your business customers to manage user access, via single sign-on controls and comprehensive reporting. 

5. Give customers the ability to track and allocate costs

Customers need to track usage and costs in a way that makes sense for their business – eg, by department, project, or individual user. Choose a cloud platform that supports leading IT and cloud management solutions – thus facilitating your ability to manage your business and your customers’ ability to manage theirs.

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